Catalyst Black 0.15.1

0.15.1 Patch Notes: Whole New Eventide

Posted On January 13, 2022

Greetings, Chosen!

SEMC New Year’s Resolutions:

   1. Make Eventide More … Even
   2. Better Ascension Rewards
   3. Quests for New Players
   4. Release the Game

Patch 0.15.1 goes 3-for-4 on our resolutions list, and we’ll let you guess which one is still a work in progress. But you read those right! Our flagship mode has remained stagnant since its debut. This release addresses player pain points in order to turn Eventide into a shorter, more straightforward PvEvP experience. The new event structure makes comebacks more attainable both inside and outside of Final Harvest. Individual heroism is also heightened, with buffs being stronger and the potential for solo boss takedowns.

Ascension rewards also provide greater value for their level, and quests are seeing some additional catering toward new players. Discuss these changes and everything else in 0.15.1 on our Discord!

— SeanLagged

Eventide Refinement

Big improvements are here for Eventide! Previously, the repeating events could become enduring over the course of even lineups, and Final Harvest sometimes lasted over half of the match. Now, each event runs once, then Final Harvest immediately begins — cutting the typical match length in roughly half to 15-20 minutes.

Final Harvest could also feel hopeless from quick changes in outpost control wiping out most point leads. The point drain was both confusing for new players and a deflating situation to lose in. These changes reduce the overall importance of Final Harvest. However, the nature of the event was a massive source of comeback potential. This has been shifted toward more exciting events, including boss takedowns and core shard returns.

Finally, to improve the general feel of Eventide, the sense of individual heroism to stand out amongst other players has been intensified. Health has increased. Double damage buffs are more abundant, last a longer time, and transfer on kill — thus, allowing players to challenge Paragons or perform solo boss takedowns more effectively. More purple speed crystals have also been added, which now grant an even faster boost. Because of the shortened match duration, we want to minimize the amount of time spent walking across the map.


EventsBossesCore RunnersGeneral
  • Event Structure
    • Each event runs once with no looping, then Final Harvest immediately begins
    • New event order is Wild Surge ➔ Wild Moon ➔ Arena ➔ Flashpoint
    • Tighter timings between events, and some events are shorter
      • Wild Surge is shorter
      • Wild Moon is shorter, and crystals to win decreased: 5 ➔ 3
      • Typical match length decreased: 30-35 min ➔ 15-20 min
  • Scoring
    • Events score value increased: 1500 ➔ 2000
    • Final Harvest now counts up, with the first team to 30,000 points claiming victory
    • Final Harvest no longer awards points to the team holding the most outposts; instead, each outpost generates double points when captured during Final Harvest
  • Overseers
    • Spawn independently of each other when their own team reaches 20,000 points; thus, the losing team has more time to take down the enemy Overseer
    • Health checkpoints at 33% and 66% that they cannot regenerate past
    • Health increased: 175k ➔ 210k
  • Core Behemoth
    • Spawns when one team reaches 22,500 points
    • Score value decreased: 4500 ➔ 3500
  • Imperial Guardians
    • Health checkpoint at 50% that they cannot regenerate past
    • Health increased: 68K ➔ 80K
  • Score per returned core shard increased: 125 ➔ 250
  • Active during Final Harvest as well
  • Keepers spawn slower, but core shards spawn faster
  • Core shards advertise their point value
  • Health
    • The 2x health buff from Slayer has been added to Eventide
    • No additional bonus health in Arena now that the time to kill is generally slower
  • Buffs
    • More (and stronger) purple speed crystals to help you get around the map
    • Double damage Meganaughts are now the main source of damage boosts
      • Two more Meganaughts in the southeast and southwest who still grant double damage
      • Buff cannot be brought into Arena
      • Lasts much longer than in Slayer

Minor Updates

  • Ascension rewards provide better value, especially as you level up.
    • More gear, no more Moon Chests at later levels, and Astral Chests appear at key milestones.
    • Extended the level limit from 120 to 150.
    • Removed mods as rewards.
  • Post-match rewards no longer apply XP to gear. Instead, Dust is granted, allowing you to choose what to upgrade.
  • Item purchases via Dust in the rotating shop have been replaced by Marks. Dust is now only used to level up gear.
  • Quests are receiving a few additions, particularly crafted for newer players.
    • New campaign quest chain centered around leveling up gear and infusing.
    • After completing the above chain, a successor chain offers duplicate gear as its completion reward.
    • A new daily quest has been added called “Gear up!” granting the opportunity to receive a duplicate item from your inventory.
  • Previously, the combination of Findlay and Warborn Amulet made for an unpleasant fight. Warborn Amulet has been changed from healing a set number to healing 10-14% of the damage dealt from firing your heavy weapon. Thus, AoE damage is more effective at healing, but high ammo weapons such as Findlay no longer make the player unkillable.