Catalyst Black 0.14.2

0.14.2 Patch Notes: Slayer Refinement

Posted On December 6, 2021


As mentioned in the last mini-update, we’re actively exploring ways to improve the foundations of Catalyst Black one step at a time before launching to the world. This patch, Slayer mode is in the spotlight!

Notably, points in Slayer are now only earned from player kills. This transforms the mode into an action-packed deathmatch, where each enemy encounter has high stakes in the outcome of the match. Monsters yield stronger buffs — if you are brave enough to take them down in the midst of battle.

While the next set of major features is prepared for release, we want to learn more about how the new Slayer and recent gunfire adjustments shape your gameplay. The best way you can get involved is by letting us know your thoughts on our Discord!

— SeanLagged

Balance Changes


  • Match
    • The large map, Plateau, has been removed from rotation
    • Player count decreased: 6v6 ➔ 5v5
    • Respawn time increased: 5-7.5s ➔ 5-10s
    • Match length limit increased: 5 minutes ➔ 6 minutes
  • Points
    • Monsters no longer grant points
    • Score to win decreased: 75 ➔ 20
    • Bounty now increases by 1 point for every 2 kills, up to 5 points
  • Balance
    • All players have more health
    • Health regeneration greatly reduced
    • Meganaught grants double damage to ONE person, instead of a modest buff to the entire team. Lasts until timeout or transformation.


Guns Blazing Tuning

  • Mobility items and traits such as Sprint and Swiftstrike now affect walk speed
  • Bot accuracy reduced
  • Fixed issue with many heavy weapon’s range changed to 10
  • Added some bullet magnetism when aiming at NPCs, making them less of a chore to hit
  • Aim indicator is now at waist-height, so you can aim at the “center body” of enemies instead of the circle under their feet
  • For iPad + gamepad controller users:
    • You can now pre-aim your primary weapon
    • Lob weapons now have a different aiming method
    • Camera is more zoomed out
  • Haptics & Camera Shake
    • Default camera shake decreased. Existing players must change the setting manually, as this only affects new accounts.
    • Turning down camera shake also reduces health bar shaking
    • Combat haptics is OFF as default on most Android phones, and disabled entirely for some brands
  • Primary Weapons
    • Caretaker Damage: 123 ➔ 150
    • Boarson Damage: 204 ➔ 235
    • Primal Eye Damage: 575 ➔ 650
    • Splintered Fate Range: 9.3 ➔ 8.8