Secret Service Program


Posted On July 23, 2020

Welcome to Super Evil Megacorp’s Secret Service, agent.

You’re on the inside now.” 

Today, we’re excited to pull the curtain back on Super Evil Megacorp’s version of “early access” for Catalyst Black. We’re calling it the Secret Service. Those of you that are already Founders in our official Discord are in the right place; this is your call to action!

(If you’re hearing about the Founder role for the first time, there’s more info below towards the end of this announcement)

As you can imagine, life around the Lair isn’t your typical affair; we tend to push against boundaries in all that we do. Our plans for the Secret Service are no exception. Starting August 12th, we will begin accepting applicants for operatives in this program. Your mission as an agent of the Service will be to support us in developing the very best cross-platform, multiplayer gaming experiences in the world. 

What you need to do: 

  • Join the official Discord for Catalyst Black at
  • Open a direct message with our official Catalyst Black bot (Catalyst Black#1323)
  • Type the command !secretservice
  • You will be asked to provide information such as your required email address
  • At this point, there is no telling when you will be called upon for service—but be ever at the ready

(If you already shared your email with us on or that will not auto-enroll your application to the Secret Service. You will still need to go through the aforementioned steps.) 

Details you should be aware of:

  • We will be using TestFlight, an Apple-owned application for beta testing, to manage the Secret Service. This means you will be required to have an iOS device to participate. We have chosen this application as it gives us the ability to drive recruitment via Discord, ensuring you receive your official invite immediately upon selection. 
  • Recruitment for the Service is a process that is randomized by the Catalyst Black bot. We will launch the program by selecting fifty new agents a day, with selections running every twelve hours. These numbers may change depending on our needs for the program. 

If recruited, the following will occur:

  • Once selected by the bot, you will receive a DM confirming this milestone
  • You will be tagged as an Agent in Discord, and a private channel will open up for you to converse exclusively with other agents 
  • Once our official testing kicks off, an invite to TestFlight will be sent from Apple to the email you shared with the bot on your application
  • You will then receive access to the test build for Catalyst Black. You can now install the game and play. 

As an operative of this program, we will rely heavily on your expertise, intelligence, and feedback to ensure we live up to the standards of quality we set for ourselves. 

What you should expect:

The Unexpected: 
  • Service interruptions can and will occur at a moment’s notice. This is the way of things.
The Unfiltered Reality:
  • You will be witnessing a wide array of elements in our game that are a constant work in progress. Testing will feel thankless at times, full of trial and error, and dependent on the investment of your feedback. Remember—you are on the inside now. Welcome to “how the sausage is made.”
The Unimpacted Game:
  • There will be no way to buy items (with real money) that will progress your account as an agent. You must progress simply by playing the game. That being said, any progress you do make will be carried over into the live service upon release.

What is expected of you: 

  • Access to this program is a privilege and we reserve the right to remove agents at our sole discretion. We expect you to act with a quality of character appropriate to your station. This includes your conduct amidst the active community of non-agents awaiting their chance to join the program. Never forget where you came from; always engage with grace and professionalism. 
The Unending War Against Lesser Evil
  • We are looking for people who want to fight with us, not against us. Making games is already an overwhelming task; we are not interested in making this process harder on ourselves. Stepping back to take in the broader picture isn’t always easy; if this kind of perspective is a challenge for you, think twice about your application. 
  • We are looking for your feedback on everything from gun balance, to flavor text. What’s working, and what isn’t? Knowing the answers to both of those questions will be critical for us. If you feel we’ve missed the mark, tell us why and offer a suggestion. You have our ear as a member of this program. Please report all your feedback to the Secret Service section on the official Discord. 

This is likely not a job for everyone; that’s ok. However, if this sounds like something you were born to do—prepare yourself, agent.

Keep in mind that alongside the opportunity to enroll in the Secret Service, joining the official Discord for Catalyst Black will award the “Founder” role to anyone who becomes a member prior to the game’s global launch. Once this window closes, Founders will have access to exclusive text channels where they can interact with other early adopters and the SEMC devs, alongside a custom color for your Discord username as an indicator of your veteranship. 

Lastly, you may also find occasional opportunities to enroll in the Service by way of curated content creators or across relevant social media channels. So, be vigilant and ever on the lookout. 

That’s it from us.

Our messages do not self-destruct because our brand of secrets do not require being hidden. Super Evil is unorthodox but it’s something we proudly stand behind. 

Welcome to the program.

Never settle.