0.17 Patch Notes: New Foundations

Posted On March 14, 2022

Greetings, Chosen!

This year, we’ve embarked on redefining the Catalyst Black experience both inside and outside of gameplay. Establishing a strong base to build upon in all areas is key before approaching global launch. Combined with your feedback and our goals for the future, improvements have been made across the board to make the game both more fun and rewarding.

In Patch 0.17, Hydra debuts as the core PVP mode for all players with three ways to win: harvest shards, destroy the Overseer, or outlast the enemy. This 5V5 battle is in a prototype stage, so be sure to let us know what you think.

The all-new loadout system removes mods in favor of two methods for obtaining stronger gear. Level up for incremental improvements to damage and other stats, and infuse up to 10 times to unlock more powerful upgrades capable of changing a piece of gear’s identity. Unique Traits are unlocked for the first three infusions.

Your help thus far has been instrumental in positioning Catalyst Black as a top mobile title. We’re excited to get out on the battlefield with players in Patch 0.17 and hope you’ll join us! Hop over on Discord to reach the developer team and other players.

— SeanLagged

New Mode: Hydra (Prototype)

Experience the true depths of Catalyst Black’s PVP combat! In this new 5V5 mode, teams have three ways to win:

  • Harvest 20 shards. Throughout the map, shards are up for grabs. Control the central Harvest Station to return them and progress toward victory.
  • Destroy the enemy Overseer. Each team’s side of the map is home to the Overseer. Work together to bring down the boss.
  • Kill each opponent three times. Lives are unlimited, but victory ensues if all players on a team are eliminated at least three times. The final player on a team who has not yet been eliminated three times becomes a Paragon with increased health and damage.

Hydra is key to our core visceral combat vision. To encourage playthrough from start to finish in this fast-paced mode, matches cannot be dropped in on. Hydra is in a prototype stage, pending finalized visuals and fully polished gameplay. We want you to be part of the journey.

Throughout this patch, share your findings with us on Discord. Do you understand the objectives? How does the exclusive map feel? What is the mode missing? With your help, we know Hydra will become a flagship mode home to Catalyst Black’s most standout moments.

Loadout System

Mods are no more! In listening to your feedback, we felt that the mod system forced players to make hard decisions in too many places instead of allowing gear and guns to be the stars of the show. By overhauling gear progression, we aim to create a deeper sense of personality in your loadout as well as remove the tedious parts of the system.

Gear now has two upgrade methods:

  • Level Up. Earn experience on gear through Moon Chests or instantly level up with Dust. These incremental upgrades to damage, health, and other stats add up to help pack more punch during battles.
  • Infuse. Gear can now be infused 10 times and no longer require fodder items. To infuse, only duplicates of that gear and a new resource Components are needed. Components come in a different variety for each gear slot and are primarily earned through completing Quests as well as in the shop.
    • The first three infusion levels unlock a unique Trait. Traits are powerful upgrades akin to the bonuses that mods previously granted; try to unlock as many as possible for your favorite loadouts.

It’s important for players to reap the benefits of their existing upgrades, which is why we’ve transitioned current progress over to the new system. Players will receive +3 infusion levels on gear that has already been infused. Mods have also been converted to Marks, which are especially helpful in attaining these new upgrades.

But… words can only do so much! Start experimenting with levels, infusions, and traits. For more information about our intentions behind these changes and a visual demonstration, check out the recent spotlight video.

Economy Changes

  • Currencies
    • With the new loadout system, Shards and Quint needed to be repurposed; and considering their new usages, the value of the currencies have changed. As such, existing Shards and Quints have been converted to Marks generously, allowing you to spend your previous stockpiles in a greater capacity. Resetting Shards and Quint to zero allows us to test our new economy fresh with the added benefit of you receiving Marks!
    • Following the removal of mods, Shards are now earned from completing matches and used to purchase Moon Chests, which grant experience for random gear.
    • Quint is obtained from Star and Astral Chests and is used to purchase gear from the rotating shop.
  • Shop
    • Brand new boosts! The Quest Boost grants 5x the Shards earned from quests, and the Play Boost awards 5x the Shards from post-match rewards.
    • Star Chests now drop 1 random piece of gear plus Dust and Quint. Comparatively, Astral Chests drop 10 times the amount of gear, Dust, and Quint!
  • Gear Rarity
    • Each piece of gear now has a rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. Higher rarity items drop less frequently from chests and should be coveted.
  • Rewards
    • To fit the new gear upgrade system and currency changes, Quest and Ascension rewards have been updated.

Balance Changes


DEV NOTE: To heighten the intensity of their transformations, primals no longer have timed durations. You will stay a primal until your health bar is depleted from damage. Sweeping adjustments to primal stats are included with this core change.

Heavy Weapons

  • Objection: Added a 0.3s handling delay after firing.


  • Clemency Vial: No longer prevents you from dying if you take a large burst of damage.


  • Healing abilities now only heal humans. This affects the following items:
    • Heal
    • Catalytic Heal
    • Renewal
    • Catalytic Renewal
    • Healing Totem