Thank You Beta Players & Final Reminders

Posted On May 20, 2022

Catalyst Black began as an idea around the office. What would a combination of theorycrafted loadouts, PvEvP combat, and ancient beings capable of brief power bursts look like? With your help over the past two years, we were able to answer that question by turning an idea into a premier mobile game. From leveling up progression systems and refining gear to transforming Hydra into the core mode, your feedback has shaped Catalyst Black’s identity. From everyone at Super Evil, THANK YOU!

With launch just around the corner on May 25th, we want to give a few quick reminders:

  • Claim your “Thank You” bundle in the Shop! In Patch 0.20, we added a special gift for all Secret Service and geo-beta players as a token of our appreciation. Guns, Abilities, Masks… Grab it before it’s gone on May 23rd @ 10AM PDT!
  • Link your account to save your progress. All your work from the beta will be transferred over at launch, but only if you’ve taken this step. Most players already have, but if you haven’t, we’ve made it as easy as possible. Open your profile in the top left of the main menu, then tap Login. Follow the instructions, and voila.
  • Secret Service players will need to download a new app. This means anyone currently receiving updates from TestFlight or the Google early access page. Geo-beta players already have the correct app. Make sure you download the new app at launch, agents!

Each of you have truly played an important part in both preparing the game for launch as well as building up an active community. We’re forever in debt to your service, and we can’t wait to see the rest of the world enjoy what we’ve all created!

— SeanLagged