Catalyst Black 0.15

0.15 Patch Notes: Welcome to The Colosseum

Posted On December 16, 2021

Greetings, Chosen!

The first PvE mode is here! Race against the clock in Colosseum: Trials of Dawn, fighting hordes of creatures and bosses alongside other players. Take down enemy waves faster to earn more points toward your match score. Colosseum’s PvE-oriented design contrasts Catalyst Black’s other modes — providing new and veteran players with a different type of cooperative experience.

In addition, new quests and Ascension Point adjustments have made progression easier, particularly at earlier levels. Let us know how these changes and the new mode feel over on our Discord!

— SeanLagged

New Mode—Colosseum: Trials of Dawn

Join a team of up to 8 players in this PvE showdown! Mow down waves of creatures together until making it all the way to the final boss. Each enemy wave is a time trial where the faster you clear, the more stars you earn, which indicate your final score in the match. A higher rating grants more Conquest Points.

Colosseum: Trials of Dawn is intended to be a more casual experience uniting players of all skill levels. We’re actively exploring a more hardcore Colosseum mode specialized for progressed players itching to face a deeper PVE challenge. If this sounds like a mode you want in Catalyst Black, be sure to let us know.

Progression Updates

  • New quests have been introduced across a bunch of categories to match the launch of Colosseum: Trials of Dawn.
  • The Ascension progression system is now only leveled up by collecting Conquest Points. As such, your Ascension level is more directly tied to your veterancy as a player rather than gear drops or purchases.
    • Because of some fun math we won’t bore you with, you may see a negative number indicating the points needed to level up. This will fix itself after your first match in 0.15.

Minor Changes

  • The first mode after the tutorial is now Colosseum: Trials of Dawn. This is an experiment to see if players prefer learning the game in a lower stakes PvE environment ahead of battling real players. Given its popularity, we also wanted to make Eventide available earlier on. So, after Colosseum, players unlock Slayer, then Eventide, rotating modes, and ultimately Arenas.
  • Squashed bugs! 🐛

Balance Changes

DEV NOTE: If you missed it, make sure to check out the recent balance changes in 0.14.1 and 0.14.2!

  • Pickups
    • Large Primal Pickup charge granted reduced: 10x ➔ 6x
  • Traits
    • Spirit Well bonus charged reduced: 10/12.5/17.5/50% ➔ 9/12/16/24%
  • Trinkets
    • Karin’s Cache bonus charged reduced: 45-65% ➔ 25-35%