Catalyst Black Content Creator Program

Posted On December 3, 2020

Applications to become a part of Catalyst Black’s Content Creator Program are now open! 

Do you enjoy creating gameplay videos, streaming, or writing content? Then this program is for you! Apply now and join our growing community of talented content creators. 


Minimum requirements to be eligible for the program:

  • Must be a streamer, video creator, or writer with an active platform
  • Have created at least one piece of Catalyst Black content in the previous month
  • Have an active social media account
  • Are an active part of our official Discord server 
  • Have a minimum of 125 Twitch followers or 250 YouTube, Facebook, or Social followers
  • Must comply with your respective content platform’s Terms of Service
  • Have read and abide by our content creator code of conduct
  • Are a respected and positive member of the Catalyst Black community

Please note that fulfilling all the minimum requirements does not automatically guarantee your acceptance into the program. Although your content does not need to be in English, all communication with creators from SEMC will be handled in English — so you will be expected to have working knowledge of the language.

By accepting to be a part of the Content Creator Program, you understand and agree that SEMC shall have the right to use your Catalyst Black content for advertising and promotional purposes.


You’ll need to be in our official Discord server to apply. If you are ready to submit your application, please follow these steps:

  1. Start a DM with Catalyst Black’s official bot and type the command !ccapply
  2. You will be asked to provide information about your content
  3. You will receive a response within a few weeks

Each application is subject to review on our monthly schedule. You will receive a message from the Catalyst Black bot if accepted, along with an invitation to the official content creator Discord server. If your application was not successful, you can always re-apply at a later date.


There will be different levels with additional requirements and benefits that a creator can achieve in this program. More details regarding each level will be shared once accepted. Some of the support that you may receive as a content creator includes:

  • Access to the exclusive content creator Discord where you can communicate and collaborate with other talented content creators
  • A content creator Discord tag in the official Catalyst Black server
  • And even more benefits as the program grows and evolves

We appreciate all the amazing content that you make with Catalyst Black, and we hope to support you with the resources you need to continue growing your audience. We cannot wait for you to become a part of this program! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in