Content Creator Spotlight: Patch 0.13

Posted On October 20, 2021

Greetings, Chosen!

Get ‘ya snacks! Patch 0.13 introduced Paragon Arenas, new prestige systems, and a whole lot more you need to hear about. Fortunately, community content creators are ready to break it all down.

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— SeanLagged

IsoRod recently chatted with anexi (Chief Revenue Officer) about the driving decisions behind Patch 0.13 as well as what’s soon to come. Did I include this because my boss said great things about me? Yes. Is it worth watching anyway? Also yes.

Satoshi asked an important question: How good is a shotgun with Blink Strike? Although my account embarrassingly has neither unlocked, I guess the formal answer is “very good” considering he won.

Paragon Arenas. Honor Points. Titles. If any of those words are unfamiliar to you, then you have some catching up to do! Open your books to chapter 0.13: DooDaDay is here to teach what’s new.

iPhone 13 Pro + Catalyst Black = smooth gameplay. Combined with the ongoing environment art updates, Seppuku’s (close) Eventide win proves this formula to be true.